New Band

Okay, so me and my dear friend have decided to start a band….do you think it could work? We are calling ourselves “Zaperatious”, meaning “overly happy”. 🙂 eek I’m excited I really hope this works out X)


Day of Silence

On Friday, our school supported the Day of Silence which is a day for all the people to basically show their support to the people who are gay, lesbian, or bi who stay quiet and who are afraid of being unaccepted. I taped my mouth shut and stayed quiet for most of the day as support. Others weren’t even close to that generous. People were wearing shirts that said “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” and “Gay is not the way”. Why are people so closed minded sometimes? If they don’t have anything good to say, they just shouldn’t say it at all.

Gotta Love English

I just spent the last couple of hours researching for our Renaissance paper. I’m doing one of the most difficult subjects to do; Queen “Bloody” Mary. All the books in class repeated each and every little thing I just read in a DIFFERENT book! So I’ve been working online and blaaaah. I’m so done with this paper already. >.< writing it should be easy from here on out though.

Stalker Much?

Okay, so I’m filling out my very first job application tonight (exciting, right?) when I come to the part where I need references…well, not only the references but their addresses. So I called up my step-mom cuz she knows the address of the kids I babysit for there. She didn’t know either so I told her to run outside, look at the house number, and run inside since they live across the street from us. (the house numbers are messed up in our neighborhood) She suddenly says “I am seriously being a stalker right now! I’m in my underwear and t-shirt, running outside! Well technically they’re dad’s underwear (my father’s) so they’re guys’ but still!” My life is so fabulous. 🙂


Hello, my name is Hannah and I am new to blogging. I will mainly be blogging about every day things that happen to me just because my friends are that amazing. 🙂 I will also be putting up some of my artwork to see what people think and to see if any artists out there could give me any pointers on technique or anything of the sort. I’ll try and blog everyday, but a student can only do so much between homework and sports. 🙂 Peace out! ❤